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This year we will hosting summer camp at Moonwater Farm in Compton and The Beehive in Los Angeles! 


We offer themed weeks that let campers explore projects in farming,
culinary skills, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, Math).
These day camp programs
 promote connections between our environments, our history, and our lives.  

$375 Fee includes plant- based snacks, drinks, lunches, and all workshop materials.


REGISTRATION OPENS April 1, 2023 • Financial support is available 


Conscious Leadership Training 
June 26th -June 28th 2023

9AM - 3PM

This week offers a two day training and field trip for participants ages 14- 21. While attending camp participants will attend sessions for team building, teaching, and leadership training. They will complete CPR and First Aid Certification and attend sessions from Yolotli Counseling to strengthen their conflict resolution ideals and help create safe spaces for others. The last day will be a field trip where participants can utilize and substantiate their skills.

Once the course is completed participants may be selected to serve as junior counselors during the following summer camp weeks and provide mentorship and support to the younger camp participants while receiving a stipend for their services,

Discovery Week
Island Life  
July 5th - July 7th , 2022 
9AM - 3PM

This week will be all about island life for campers ages 5-7! From lei making, to exploring & making island foods, as well as learning cultural dances. Campers will be able to understand how others have created and maintained sustainable practices utilizing the resources around them. 

Participants will have opportunities to interact with animals, create biomes, and explore first hand how our behaviors influence and impact our environments.


Water Worlds  

July 10th -July 14th, 2023 
9AM - 3PM

This week is all about water for campers ages 8-13! Participants will be able to visit and learn from architects, artists, chemists, and product designers about the way water influences our lives from a molecular level to a global scale. Campers will explore it all. We will have fun and challenging workshops for the campers to strengthen their scientific exploration skills and spark the innovative nature that resides in us all!

Urban Agriculture
Escaping the Matrix  
July 17th -July 21st 2023 
9AM - 3PM

This week campers ages 8- 13 will reconnect with their roots. From learning about the origins of irrigation systems, to exploring medicinal plants, and even making their own cheese and butter, campers will understand directly how items get from the farm to their tables. Close interactions with animals, and harvesting plants for medical use will allow campers to ground themselves with their natural environment and learn that we are all truly connected and have a major responsibility to support and positively impact our environment. 

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