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About Our Camp

Camp Journeys is a non-profit organization that exists to provide an immersive year long experience culminating with a summer camp full of fun and enrichment for youth of color.


Our program offers opportunities for kids ages 5-18 to actively participate in diverse holistic learning and life skill activities. Activities range from community garden workshops, mental health awareness and education, Literacy and STEAM workshops, financial literacy, and cultural identity awareness.

Mission & Vision

Camp Journeys strives to promote and provide youth of color and various backgrounds opportunities to actively participate in fun, yet challenging, safe and shared camping experiences through diverse activities and programs. 


Our goal is to empower campers with the tools and resources to learn the history and context of their heritage and culture, while embracings practices that will help develop and foster a well-balanced being. 

Extended Learning in Social and Life Skills

It is our goal at Camp Journey's to provide kids with  the resources and tools they will need as they learn to navigate their social, emotional, and life skills. Our program will empathize practices that focus on empathy, bullying awareness, and building the confidence of all campers to tackle real world situations.

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