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It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Camp Journeys strives to promote and provide youth of color and various backgrounds opportunities to actively participate in fun, yet challenging, safe and shared experiences through diverse activities and programs. 

Our goal is to empower campers with the tools and resources to learn the history and context of their heritage and culture, while embracings practices that will help develop and foster a well-balanced being. 

Kids in Library

Read, explore and learn from multicultural lessons designed to increase kid's awareness and knowledge of people and events in African - American history.

Children's Race

Creating healthy habits and health care through yoga, meditation, diet, mental health and self care.

Challenging critical thinking skills through STEM, project-based learning, cross-curricular projects, and literacy.

Nature Class

Navigating 21 Century Skills and trends that will help campers gain insight and knowledge through social media awareness and financial literacy.

Kids Playing Tug of War

Camp Highlights

Join us for our monthly workshops and get a preview of  Summer Camp Activities! 

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